The success of any real estate development project is directly tied to the services available at the site. Developers are careful to position themselves as delivering a best of breed solution – managing all the public service components of the build.  As telecommunications users become increasingly savvy,  smart developers look to provide choices for telecommunications services in their projects.   Using CityLink’s Open Access Dark Fiber, owners and tenants receive the ultimate choice for their ultra high-speed internet, video conferencing, all digital telephone services, remote data center services, and  video (TV) services.

CityLink’s Open Access Dark Fiber allows your owners and tenants to choose from a number of well known providers of telecommunications and IT services. In addition our solutions reduce tenant improvement requirements by removing the computer room real estate from the tenant space requirements.  Using the extremely fast fiber connections between your building and various local data center, owners and tenants is handled easily with the best service level guarantees in the business.