At CityLink, we pride ourselves on our highly reliable service; we commit to five 9’s reliability (99.999% uptime) and back it up with our Service Level Agreement (SLA).  However, we recognize that there are going to be times when you may need our assistance with our services.  With that in mind, we provide three primary methods to contact our technical support team and create a support case:

505-938-6320 option 2


In the event of any technical issue, it is imperative that you contact us to create a “support case.” This case will have a reference number and will be the method of tracking resolution of your particular service issue.  The above noted contact avenues are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; if you call in and reach voicemail, we simply ask that you leave a detailed message as that information will be transposed and transmitted electronically into our technical support system.  Whether contacting us by phone or email, we ask that you provide detailed information about your particular problem so that we can effectively troubleshoot any service issue.

CityLink is responsible for providing service up to our point of demarcation (the point that we connect our service to your office or home equipment). Generally you are responsible for the equipment / network / wiring that connects your location to our network.  We are happy to provide complete help with our part of the connection, and we can in some cases provide limited help with customer owned equipment as well.


Customer Information

To properly address your specific issue please provide as much context as possible.[formidable id=8]

Contact by phone or email

Support phone: 505.938.6320